• $7.00

    Chicken-Flavored Bones

    Healthy chicken flavored bones made from the finest ingredients with no added preservatives.
  • $7.00

    Chicken-Flavored WaggieBits

    Kibble size training treats with the same nutritious value and delicious taste as the chicken flavored bones.
  • $10.00

    Chicken-Flavored "Two-Go" Packs

    Clean, individually-wrapped bones to treat the dog on the go! Perfect for your pocket on a walk or in the car.  Packaged 20 packs to a bag (40 bones total). These are only available online, not in stores!
  • $50.00

    Waggies Blanket Gift Set

    Surprise your favorite canine friend with this beautiful 38x48” quilted doggie throw. Perfect for the car or couch. Choose between the chocolate brown or the natural tan as shown.Also included are three bags of Waggies’ deliciously healthy peanut butter and chicken treats and a tennis ball paired with our two-fer...