• $8.00

    Peanut Butter "Two-Go" Packs

    Clean, individually-wrapped bones to treat the dog on the go! Perfect for your pocket on a walk or in the car.  Packaged 20 packs to a bag (40 bones total). These are only available online, not in stores!
  • $7.00

    Peanut Butter Bones

    Flavorful peanut butter bones made with organic peanut butter.  Our best seller!
  • $7.00

    The Fetch Box

    A tennis ball for exercise and Waggies as a reward! Our Fetch Box is the perfect “bring to the park” item for spring.  Eight two-bone packs (16 total) and a bright tennis ball will get you and your furry friend off of the couch and out into the fresh air.  The...